I’m not a candy consumer, well…  not much a candy consumer except for four of the most awesome sweet treats…marshmallow peeps, Brach’s jelly beans, caramel apple suckers (harder to come by – at least here in my hometown) and candy corn. Since Halloween is approaching,  my focus is laser sharp on candy corn!

As soon as the stores begin setting up their Halloween display, I’m there!
Candy corn, where’s the candy corn? Move out of the way lady… back away from the candy corn!

Since candy corn is considered a staple in my four food groups (Sept – Oct only)I was in search of a realistic fragrance.

For months, a pursuit was on for Candy Corn fragrance. Unfortunately, reviews came back describing the samples as overly-sweet imitations. The idea of offering a realistic candy corn fragrance was shelved for the fall season.

Then, quite by accident, a test pot of straight salty caramel was mixed with a test pot of pecan and wallah…the initial base for All Hallows Eve was born!

After some tweaking of the fragrances, the adult version of Candy Corn received enthusiastic reviews. Renamed to All Hallows Eve, this seasonal fragrance is available in all products.