Sugardoodle Scented Pillar & Votive Candle


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Sugardoodle defined as velvety vanilla, maple syrup and creamed butter nestled deliciously inside crunchy notes of cane sugar cinnamon is the confectionery fragrance used to scent your choice of palm pillar or votive candle.

The natural color of the dye-free feathered finish of our palm pillar candle is slightly translucent. As the candle burns down, the flame will illuminate the shell to produce a stunning light show! Even when unlit, the entire surface area of the pillar candle will emit a gentler account of the fragrance. Their beautiful neutral colored makes them perfect for weddings, baby showers, or to add twinkling pops of light to your buffet or holiday table.
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Fragrance Narrative – Sugardoodle
Soft middle of velvety vanilla, maple syrup and creamed butter nestled deliciously inside crunchy notes of cane sugar cinnamon
• Sustainable, GMO-free palm wax
• Lead-free, natural fiber cotton wick
• Phthalate free fragrance oil


3″ x 4½″
3″ x 6½″
4″ x 4½″
4″ x 6½″
Votive – Set of 2
Votive – Set of 6
Palm Pillar Candle - 3x4½
Palm Pillar Candle - 3x6½
Palm Pillar Candle - 4x4½
Palm Pillar Candle - 4x6½
Palm Votive Candle - Set of 2
Palm Votive Candle - Set of 6


60+ hours
80+ hours
90+ hours
110+ hours
10+ hours each
10+ hours each

Additional information

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Burning Instructions

Melted wax is not for use on body.
Palm pillar candles burn in a slightly different manner as compared to traditional paraffin wax pillar candles.

When used properly, your pillar will burn leaving a ½” shell. Always place pillar on a heat resistant plate and trim wick(s) to ¼”.

The initial lighting and first burn is important as this will set into motion your pillars “burning memory”. Allow the candle to burn at least one hour for each inch of its diameter or until the melt pool extends to within ½” from the sides.

Extinguish, cool, trim wick and relight.

Customer Tip – Recycle palm pillar candles into a forever pillar candles!
Once the wax of the pillar candle has burned away, forever illuminate the shell by inserting a scented palm votive candle that is placed inside a glass votive holder. Utilizing a votive candle, will allow you to change fragrances as desired.


Before lighting, votive candles must be placed into a tight fitting container. Unlike a pillar candle, votive candles are not free standing, they will burn similar to a jar candle, meaning that all of the wax will liquefy.

If you were to place a votive candle on a saucer for instance, quickly you would end up with a puddle of wax.