Admittedly, Mosley Lane has evolved over the past 13 years. Long gone are the site design days of multicolor quilted backgrounds, overuse of graphics, dancing cursors and of course…our favorite tune. Mosley Lane now trends towards a minimal site layout that is less cluttered and faster-loading.

The same unpretentious style characters have been applied to the manufacturing process of our soy candles, but the approach is defined as “less is more” or candles that are as neutral and natural as possible.

We love color, but in 100% soy candles…not so much!

The goal of manufacturing clean burning soy candles with bold dark colors is difficult.

100% soy wax with NO paraffin added will take dye and produce beautiful pastel shades. On the other hand, if dark reds, oranges, greens, purples, blues or browns are the goal; a large amount of colorant is required. The introduction of substantial amounts of dye will affect the burning qualities and scent release.

In a nut shell, larger wicks are needed to complete the combustion of any extra component that is added to the wax. Often, the extra amount of dye will overpower the fragrance.

Soy blend candles (combination of paraffin and soy wax) have the capability to work well with larger amounts of candle dye.

Dye-free candles match all decor themes.

The color of 100% soy wax is off-white, opaque and creamy. The wax is gorgeous when married to a flame. Without added dyes, the candles will match any color room or decorating style.